Four new NEVZA International Referee Candidates

CEV referee commission organised an international referee course in Caorle, Italy, on December 12- 20. Twentysix new referees from 23 countries participated, four of them came from NEVZA countries.

Picture from left: Niklas Kjaer Thomsen, Helena Persson, SWEDEN, Thomas André Transeth, NOR, and Marko Oravainen, FIN.

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden each have a new international referee candidate, after their participation in the EIRCC in Caorle close to Venezia in Italy. Niklas Kjaer Thomsen, Marko Oravainen, Thomas André Transeth, and Helena Persson, are the names of the new generation young referees within NEVZA. After passing their theoretical and practical examinations on site in Caorle, the 26 referees involved in this year’s EIRCC now have three years to achieve the full status of international referees. We wish them all luck in their important contribution to the development of volleyball.

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