NEVZA Projects and and Development Programs

One important purpose for NEVZA is through Projects and Development Programs increase organizational efficiency both in NEVZA as well as it´s Member Federations and the oucome should be increasing interest towards Volleyball among players, spectators, media and sponsors.

NEVZA Projects

At the moment NEVZA is working with it´s own Strategy. As an example and to create the solid ground for the final work some important topics were analysed and below the headers some key words with number of times it was mentioned can be seen  below:

  • Operational environment/Change drivers

Technology (11) – Lack of Media Coverage … streaming (9) – Changing political dynamics (9)

  • Stakeholders’ Expectations

Networking & Learning from each other (10) – Unity and strength (10) – Provide Top quality, highly competitive Volleyball (5)

  • Values

Creative (12) – Equal opportunities male/female/ethnicity (9) – Supportive (5)

Development Projects

Each NEVZA Federations have naturally their own Development Projects. The idea is to present those in NEVZA Meetings and test ideas as well as listen other members experiences of similar cases. These Development Projects will cover organizations, competitions, marketing, social media and TV – to mention some.