NEVZA Technical Meeting in Faroe Islands

Hotel Føroyar

The annual NEVZA Technical Meeting took place in beutiful Faroe Islands on April 23-24, 2022. It was an intensive program during the two days’ sessions, but also some time to get to know this interesting country consisting of small islands in the middle of the North Sea. England and Greenland was unfortunately not able to send delegates, but all other countries were well represented. The participants were:

NEVZA: Lennart Neovius, President; Jussi Jokinen, General Secretary
DEN: Sven Brix, Technical Director and National Team Manager
FAR: Peter Holm, President; Beinir Kristiansen, General Secretary
FIN: Olli-Pekka Karjalainen, General Secretary; Tapio Kangasniemi, Sports Director
ISL: Grétar Eggertsson, President; Pálmi Blængsson, General Secretary; Burhard Disch, High Performance Manager
NOR: Kristian Gjerstadberget, General Secretary; Matt van Wezel, Sports Director; David Cox, Competition Director, NEVZA Beach Coordinator
SWE: Simon Dahl, General Secreetary

The meeting was opened with welcoming speeches from Peter Holm, Flogbóltssamband Føroya President and Lennart Neovius, NEVZA President. Some formalities was handled, approval of the agenda, last year’s meetings and accounts. Then the NEVZA President presented some development within the FIVB and CEV, followed by initiatives for developing information handling and visibility. The initiatives were well received and a working group will be established for taking the next steps.


After lunch, the meeting continued with Norwegian General Secretary Kristian Gjerstadberget discussing on-going projects for “Young Leaders” and “How to empower clubs and organizations”, inviting the other member countries to be part of the processes. The following day this work was discussed with other important projects, in order to achieve goals set up for Vision 2030. We summarized that it had been two very inspiring and productive days, and everybody is now going home to continue in each national federation. But also work hard for continuing the work in collaboration with the other members in different working groups.


The hosting federation, Flogbóltssamband Føroya, had made arrangements to introduce the NEVZA representatives to the Faroeic fine dining at Hotel Føroyar and tasting beer at the old brewery Føroya Bjór, established 1888.

We thank the Flogbóltssamband Føroya for their well planned and executed arrangements. For many participants this was the first but definitively not the last visit here.