Volleyball U17 Championships in Ikast, Denmark

Last year the U17 NEVZA Championships returned to the volleyball center in Ikast, Denmark. After two years with the pandemic, it was a long awaited reunion. The event was successful, with four of the eight member countries’ teams of each gender present. This year, we welcome six teams per gender and there will also be interesting side events. CEV Datavolley with participants from 15 countries from all over Europe, Streaming of all matches will be provided by the NEVZA Small-scale streaming project group. The matches will be played from October 17th to the 19th.

Over three days, U17 teams from England, Faroe Island, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the host nation Denmark will compete in the U17 NEVZA Championship. The nations play round robin Monday in two poles, while the placement games will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All matches are played in the Sportscenter Ikast Arena, Stadion Allé 2, DK-7430 Ikast.

All the matches will be streamed on Volleykanalen. Embedded links below will be updated for each day.
Court A

Court C

Updates regarding the tournament can be found on the Facebook page NEVZA U17 Volleyball Championship

Tournament Schedule: NEVZA U17 (G=Girls, pool A/B; B=Boys, pool C/D)

Date Time Teams Court Gender Teams Court Gender
17/10 08:30 DEN-SWE A GB NOR-ENG C BD
17/10 10:45 ISL-ENG C GA DEN-SWE A BC
17/10 13:00 NOR-SWE C GB FAR-ENG A BD
17/10 15:15 FAR-ENG A GA ISL-SWE C BC
17/10 17:30 DEN-NOR A GB NOR-FAR C BD
17/10 19:45 ISL-FAR C GA DEN-ISL A BC
18/10 10:45 A2-B3 TBD GQF1 B2-A3 TBD GQF1
18/10 13:00 C2-D3 TBD BQF1 D2-C3 TBD BQF2
18/10 16:45 A1-W QF1 TBD GSF1 B1-W QF2 TBD GSF2
18/10 19:00 C1-W QF1 TBD BSF1 D1-W QF2 TBD PSF2
19/10 09:00 L QF1-L QF2 TBD G5-6 L QF1-L QF2 TBD B5.6
19/10 11:00 L SF1-L SF2 TBD G3-4 L SF1-L SF2 TBD B3-4
19/10 13:30 W SF1-W SF2 TBD G1-2
19/10 15:30 W SF1-W SF2 A B1-2