Sweden: Nyköping and IKSU Swedish Snow Volleyball Champions 2022

In parallel to the first CEV European Tour event in Turkey, Sweden organized the national Championships in Snow Volleyball. The reigning Men’s Champion team IKSU from Umeå did not manage to defend their previous two titles. Nyköping with three top players won a well played and entertaining final. Instead, IKSU took over the Women’s title after a similarly well played and thrilling final against Danderyd.

Snow Volleyball Swedish Championships 2022 Men, Östersund Snowheart Arena, February 19th, 2022
Final: Nyköping FK – IKSU 2 – 0 (15-10, 15-12)
Match 3/4: Östersund – Malmö 2 – 0 (15-9, 15-11)

Snow Volleyball Swedish Championships 2022 Women, Östersund Snowheart Arena, February 19th, 2022
Final: IKSU – Danderyd 2 – 1 (15-11, 11-15, 15-7)
Match 3/4: Göteborg – Östersund 2 – 0 (15-9, 15-11)

Östersund hosted the Swedish Snow Volleyball Championships for the third time this weekend. Two courts were nicely prepared on the centre of Stortorget under the name of Östersund Snowheart Arena. A number of activities are taking place on the arena, where the successful Snow Volleyball Championships fitted well. It was optimal weather conditions for playing and watching the games. After a little chilly morning, the temperature went up to some degrees below zero. Some lighter snow falls passed by, otherwise it was mostly cloudy. When the finals started, the sun broke through the clouds and warmed the players, volunteers and the spectators.

Six Men’s and four Women’s teams from Umeå up north to Malmö in the south fought for the title. In the Men’s tournament, the semi-finals were tight even if the two finalists had an extra gear to use when closing the sets. The final was on the highest level experienced in the short history of Swedish Snow Volleyball Championships. Strong attacks were met with a number of spectacular defence actions. The head-to-head fight was if Philip Franzon in IKSU should take a third consecutive title or if three of the players in Nyköping would join the exclusive club of players with Gold in all three volleyball disciplines. Up to this point, only Hanna Hellvig now playing volleyball in Germany, was the only member. Nyköping won the final, relying on experience and force from both volleyball and beach volleyball.

The Swedish Champions Nyköping FK with the players Linus Tholse, Peter Lundgren, Viktor Jonsson and Mattias Haaparanta. Click here for interview by Volleykanalen.

Four women’s teams fought for the three medals and the title. The teams were from all over Sweden, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Östersund and Umeå. After the pool play, the two top teams played the final, while the teams place 3rd and 4th played a decisive bronze medal match. IKSU kept their playing level throughout the final. After a strong start and 8-2 lead at the second side switch, they lost momentum. Danderyd from Stockholm started to catch up, and they won the second set. But in the last set, IKSU came back with aggressive serves, focus on attack angles and where to place the balls. With this strategy, they won rather comfortable.

The Swedish Champions IKSU with the players Alice Arnberg, Agnes Linderholm, Emma Sehlstedt och Matilda Granberg. Click here for interview by Volleykanalen.

Next year, the Championships is planned to be part of the Swedish Winter Games in Skövde. Östersund has shown that they have a great interest for the sport and are good at organizing. Therefore, we have started to discuss the possibility to host a NEVZA tour event next year, together with Östersund’s event company and the local organizer. We thank them both for this year’s great event and look forward to come back.

Ranking Men

  1. Nyköpings FK
  2. IKSU, Umeå
  3. Östersund Volley
  4. Malmö BC
  5. Hästhagens IF, Stockholm
  6. Lindesbergs VK

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Ranking Women

  1. IKSU, Umeå
  2. Danderyd, Stockholm
  3. Göteborgs BC
  4. Östersund Volley

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