NEVZA U19 Championship in Rovaniemi

After the U17 NEVZA Championship two weeks ago, it is now time for the older Under-Age group U19 to compete for the Championship medals. The tournament is taking place in Rovaniemi, in the two halls Santasport and Keltakangas .

Over three days, teams from Denmark, Faroe Island, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the host nation Finland will compete in the U19 NEVZA Championship. The nations play round robin Friday and Saturday, while the placement games will be played Saturday and Sunday.

Information and updates for the tournament can be found on Woman’s Volleyball homepage

All afternoon/evening games will be streamed:

Tournament Schedule: NEVZA U19 (G=Girls, B=Boys)
29/10 09:00 – 30/10 15:30 Pool matches
30/10 10:00 – 30/10 16:30 Placement matches

30/10 09:30 3rd/4th place B (Santasport)
30/10 11:00 5th/6th place B (Keltakangas)
30/10 12:00 1st/2nd place B (Santasport)

30/10 13:30 3rd/4th place G (Keltakangas)
30/10 14:30 1st/2nd place G (Santasport)

Sweden’s boys coach Göran Persson states that “finally we are playing again”. After a 1400 km and 20 hours long bus ride from the Sports gymnasium Falköping in Sweden, 24 players has arrived and won their initial matches.

– “It is a good competition for many countries in preparation for EuroVolley qualifications 2022”, Göran Person continues. “We believe that Finland is a little bit ahead, but it should be rather tight between us, Denmark and Norway behind”, concludes Göran looking forward to see how the different teams have managed developing during the pandemic.

Photo Robert Boman