NEVZA U17 Volleyball Championships: Dream Teams and MVP’s

All players are winners, but they also had the chance to select players that stood out a little bit extra through the tournament. The teams voted for the Dream Teams and MVP, Most Valuable Player, for both genders.

Dream Team Girls:
Setter: Tota Buadottir, Faroe Islands
Opposite: Lejla Sara Hadziredzepovic, Iceland
Outside hitter: Soldis Björk Leifsdottir, Iceland
Outside hitter: Sofia Milina Mol, Norway
Middle blocker: Heba Sol Stefansdottir, Iceland
Middle blocker: Selma Tryggestad Hodne, Norway
Libero: Agnes Björk Augustsdottir, Iceland
Most Valuable Player: Soldis Björk Leifsdottir, Iceland
Dream Team Boys:
Setter: Kristoffer Nørager Bisgaard, Denmark
Opposite: Espern Vik, Norway
Outside hitter: Laurits Schultz Thynebjerg, Denmark
Outside hitter: Bjarni Joensen, Faroe Islands
Middle blocker: Felix Jarl Willemoes Behrend, Denmark
Middle blocker: Johannes Lagesen Fagervold, Norway
Libero: Emil Severin Olsen, Norway
Most Valuable Player: Laurits Schultz Thynebjerg, Denmark