NEVZA Beach Oddanesand finals

First seeds came second!

Both first seeded Thurin/Thurin, and Piippo/Topio reached the finals in scenic NEVZA Oddanesand, but they failed in the final and biggest match.

Twins Thurin/Thurin, were favorites in the women’s final with their technical and entertaining volleyball. However, fourth seeded Rudberg/Jernbeck proved to be to strong for dissapointed twins on this particular day. The third place was won by experienced Victoria Faye Kjølberg and Julie Varga after a forfeit from Finnish Rantala/Muukka, They secured the only medal in the tournament for Norway on their home turf.


Hampus Ekstrand, SWE, in serve reception. Hulda Rudberg, SWE, with a killing spike.

Reigning European U22 champion Jakob “Jacke” Hölting Nilsson and his partner Hampus Ekstrand more or less outperformed the Finnish first seeds in the final,  delivering impressive attacking skills throughout the final. Finland put on some pressure towards the end of the game, but it was too late. Sweden is on a roll to get another team on a top international level. Bello/Rocha from England took third place on the mens side after beating surprise – team Emil Øfstaas and indoor pro Eirik Kavli.

Superb days in Oddanesand makes us look forward to next year!

Thurin, T./Thurin, S. SWE [1] – Rudberg/Jernbeck SWE [4] 0 – 2 (19-21, 17-21) 0:39

Bronze match
Rantala/Muukka FIN [5]  – Kjølberg/Varga NOR [7] Forfeit Team A

Rudberg/Jernbeck SWE [4] – Kjølberg/Varga NOR [7] 2 – 0 (21-11, 21-12)
Thurin, T./Thurin, S. SWE [1] – Rantala/Muukka FIN [5] 2 – 0 (21-11, 21-14)

All results and rankings:
2023-06-24 NEVZA Women’s Oddanesand Tournament

Hölting Nilsson/Ekstrand SWE [2] – Piippo/Topio, V. FIN 2 – 0 (21-15, 21-17) 0:35

Bronze match
Kavli/Ofstaas NOR [20] – Bello/Rocha ENG [14] 0 – 2 (13-21, 14-21) 0:31

Bello/Rocha ENG [14] – Piippo/Topio, V. FIN 0 – 2 (17-21, 14-21)
Hölting Nilsson/Ekstrand SWE [2] – Kavli/Ofstaas NOR [20] 2 – 0 (21-12, 21-14)

All results and rankings:
2023-06-24 NEVZA Men’s Oddanesand Tournament

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