NEVZA Beach Oddanesand day 2

Top seeded teams on a steady course

Top seeded Thurin/Thurin on the women’s side and Piippo/Topio on the men’s side keep a steady course toward the finals. Piippo/Topio was really challenged by the Norwegian super talents Mol/Aas, They managed to pull through a victory in a tight third set, to book a spot in the quarterfinals. The Thurin twins met second seeded Ribom/Malmström already in the round of 16. After loosing the first set they it became a really tight battle bit were finally able to fight back and win after a tough and even tiebreak. 

Both Thurin/Thurin and Piippo/Topio are experienced teams, that have the knowledge to win tournaments like his. However, tomorrow they will be tested by several, very talented teams from Norway,  Sweden, England and Finland. 

Thurin Twins, Tina and Sanna, SWE, aim for a consequtive title. Sunshine and a breeze gave the players and the audience a perfect day at the beach. The Jonah’s, Kjemperud /Utvik.

Hölting Nilsson/Ekstrand is an obvious contender to the title, but met surprisingly very hard opposition in the round of 16. They played son of Norwegian legend Jørre Kjemperud, Jonah Kjemperud and his partner Jonah Utvik – who led by 6 point in the second set after following the Swedes all the way in the first set. Nilsson/Ekstrand came back stronger in the end – and turned it around just in time to get that two point lead to a 2-0 victory. 

The beautiful scenery around the beach at Oddanesand have served a lot of great games from great teams. We’re really looking forward to Saturday, the day of the finals. 

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