NEVZA Beach Oddanesand, day 1

Legend delivers

Ingrid Tørlen, the most winning female viking in history, delivers on the first day of the NEVZA in spectacular Oddanesand, Norway. After beating countrymen Vaigafa/Duesund 2-0 she took down the second seed Rebom/Malmström 2-0 as well, together with her very talenter partner Julia Thelle. Simply impressive appearance by the 43 year old former Olympian. 

Other women’s teams to look out for is the the first seed Thurin twins snd the Norwegians Varga/Kjølberg who both won their pools. 

Ingrid Tørlen, NOR, attack on Sara Malmström, SWE Young Swedish talent Jakob Hölting Nilsson passing the ball.

Also, the Swedish young guns Nilsson and Ekstrand had a great day in Oddanesand. The two physical Swedes, both well above 2 meters, clearly won both of their matches. In fact, the top three ranked men’s team, the Fins Piippo/Topio  and Swedes Appelgren/Ask, won all their matches today and were anticipating an exciting second day in Norway. 

Tomorrow starts with looser games in the formatted pool play, followed by the draw that will determine who’s meeting who in the playoffs. Stay tuned! 

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