Make the refugee situation better in NEVZA countries

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, many refugees are now trying to get established in their new environments. The sports federations and clubs can contribute to their situation and also benefit with new players and leaders. Volleyball has always been a global arena of friendship and cooperation. The rules for players’ transfers to their current country is simplified, in order to allow them and the clubs an easy and open process. The process is the same as in 2015, when millions of refugees arrived from Syria and Afghanistan. The rules for transfer exeptions can be downloaded here.

A good example from 2015-16 was when Lidingö SK could make comeback in the national series, with a team that in the beginning consisted of afghanian players only. It included some work, especially communication with authorities and the local government. But it gave so much more back, a context for the boys and great attention and support.

Lidingö Volley awarded for integration work

Volleyball Ireland is a good example on how a national volleyball federation really can make a difference. They have have made a number of strategic decisions to get the best outcome:

  • The indefinite waiving of player, coach and referee license fees for Ukrainian refugees to participate and officiate in the sport, including both Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competition.
  • Ukrainian refugees will be exempt from the National League registration deadline of March 17 and can register and play in league games after this point.
  • Volleyball Ireland will cover the cost of associated club registration and participation fees for Ukrainian refugees.
  • Volleyball Ireland will provide any required training wear and other Volleyball equipment to support Ukrainian refugees participate in Volleyball club programmes.

“We pride ourselves on our cultural diversity, inclusion and sense of community within Irish Volleyball, and I know our clubs will be a welcoming, supportive and kind environment during such a traumatic time”, comments General Manager Gary Stewart. Read more on CEV’s homepage about Volleyball Ireland.

Photo: CEV, Lidingö Tidning.