Age Group Volleyball NEVZA tournaments with EuroVolley Qualifiers

The volleyball society is adapting to a new olympic cycle. The changes introduced by the International Volleyball Federation, FIVB, make difference also on Confederation and Zonal level. For NEVZA, the most important change is that every second year, the Age Group NEVZA Championships will also be the first round qualifier for next year’s EuroVolley Championships.

After the last  years’ successful U17 and U19 events in Denmark and Finland, we look forward to thrilling NEVZA competitions in October. NEVZA U17 Championships will be played in Ikast, DEN, on 16th-18th October. Six nations are fighting for the medals and qualification for EuroVolley U18. In Rovaniemi, FIN, NEVZA U19 Championships will be played on 27th-29th October, with seven nations for both genders. It will also be the qualification for EuroVolley U20 next year.

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Bulletin 2 NEVZA U17 2023
Bulletin 1 NEVZA U19 2023

Also see the 2023 NEVZA Regulations Under-Age Volleyball Championships.

Competition schedules are published on CEV homepage, see links below:
NEVZA U17/EuroVolley U18 1st round Boys
NEVZA U17/EuroVolley U18 1st round Girls
NEVZA U19/EuroVolley U20 1st round Boys
NEVZA U19/EuroVolley U20 1st round Girls