2023 Beach Volleyball Coordination Meeting

The NEVZA Beach Volleyball coordinator David Cox gathered with representatives from Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden in Copenhagen on February 9-10 2023. The group discussed not only the NEVZA beach regulations and competition schedule, but also new competition formats. Important factors are the initiatives from CEV on how to develop the beach volleyball discipline and the ambition to elevate the cooperation between the NEVZA members. The meeting resulted in a number of proposals to the administration and the forth-coming Technical Meeting later this spring.

Picture: Participants from left Simon Dahl, SWE, Sebastian Mikelsons, DEN, Jonathan Moore, ENG and Beate Sødal, NOR. Photo David Cox

The focus of the first day was to update the regulations governing the NEVZA Youth Championships and Senior events and make an overview of the competition schedules. The regulations will provide the information needed for CEV and NEVZA administration, member countries, organizers and players/coaches to apply for, organize, run and participate in NEVZA events. The regulations also will stipulate the responsibilities of each party. The regulations will be finalized, approved and published in the coming weeks.

The participants contributed with the dates reserved for organizing their national championships.

Country Dates
NOR June 9 – 11
DEN Jun 22 – 25
SWE July 30 – August 6
ENG September 8 – 10

The list will be updated with input from the countries not present.

The youth championships is proposed to be organized week 28, July 10-16. Date and place to be decided.

Club Competitions
The proposal from the CEV to have club competitions both nationally and as zonal events was discussed. The group realized that zonal events will not be feasible to organize this summer, but suggested a test event in November/December in Sweden. A result of this test event will hopefully be the start of club competitions in 2024, both national and zonal. Long term goal is to establish a league with clubs running the events.

The proposal also suggest that national competitions can be used already in 2023 with the goal to register club teams for a European event this fall.

Nordic/Northern European Tour
The group discussed and have made a proposal on how to develop NEVZA senior events to a Nordic or Northern European Tour. The suggestion is a more attractive format for existing and new stakeholders. The goal is to give players more opportunities to play international matches and receive international points. The tour would end with a final event, which would “crown” the Nordic/Northern European Champions.